Beginning of LOOM&SPOOL

We deliver blankets that combine design and quality that harmonize with modern living environments.

Reconstructing Japanese blankets from an "interior perspective"

"The blanket I've been using for a long time. It's good quality and I like the feel of it. But the pattern is a bit..."
"This shop has a design, but the quality is unsatisfactory!"

It was a big question for those of us who have been involved in interior and textile product development.

"Why aren't there good quality and cool blankets?"

Choices for blankets

The culture of using blankets as bedding at the end of the day is actually not very popular outside of Japan. There are many attractive “blankets” overseas, but most of them are for use in living rooms and sofas.
On the other hand, Japanese blankets, which have been specialized for the domestic market, have evolved to the point where they can be said to be perfect in terms of quality. Perhaps because there weren't many of them, there are still many nostalgic but classical products in terms of design.

Nowadays, interior styles are very diverse.
There are wonderfully renovated apartments and high-performance, modern detached houses.

Compared to duvets/comforters (futon covers) and pillow cases (pillow cases), which have become available in various materials and designs along with the spread of reasonably priced duvets, blankets that cannot be used as a cover are an integral part of the interior of the bedroom. It is the last wall to completion.

From the bottom of the futon to the top

The use of blankets is also changing.
It has become widely known through the Internet that it is possible to increase heat retention by putting it on top of the futon instead of under it. It seems that it is becoming established as one of the standard styles now.
New meyer blankets (one-piece brushed blankets on both sides), which are light in weight and hard to crush duvets, are perfect for this new style.
Of course, we have also realized a tactile sensation that will satisfy those who say, "I want to feel the blanket directly on my skin!"

place to be born

Izumiotsu City, Osaka Prefecture, is known as the "Blanket Town" and produces nearly 90% of domestic blankets.
Originating in Sanada weaving, after developing cow blankets (Meiji 20), we established a raising technique called "Otsu's raising" for cotton blankets and wool blankets.
There are various techniques and materials, such as blankets made from woven cloth and blankets made from cloth woven like knit.
In 1970, a new blanket called the Meyer blanket was developed, and now it is widely used as a standard blanket.
Moriya Keori Co., Ltd., the production factory of LOOM&SPOOL, is the only integrated factory in Izumiotsu, the city of blankets, that can complete all processes from delivered yarn to finished blankets in one factory.
While continuing to make Japanese blankets that have evolved to match the good old futon culture and Japanese houses with good ventilation, the factory is perceived as "future blankets must be devised to suit the future era and houses." Mr. is.
We aim to develop and produce blankets adapted to the living environment of the future by adding modern designs and ideas proposed by LOOM&SPOOL to the technology we have cultivated over many years.

until you can

Blanket making begins with setting the threads, which takes several days even if all of them are involved. A huge amount of 1,150 threads are knitted on a knitting machine to create a fabric with a mysterious shape like cardboard.

Meyer blankets are made by cutting the center of this fabric and scraping the fibers from the surface of the pile fabric to create fuzz, and New Meyer blankets are made by scraping the fuzz from both sides.

Machines lined up in a huge factory are dyed and printed, then steamed, washed and dried.

Four types of processes are used for fluffing, surface finishing for touch and texture, and sewing is completed.

Q Mark (Izumiotsu Quality Made in Japan)

Using fabrics made in Japan, dyeing, finishing, sewing, etc. are all done in Japan, and only products that have passed the quality standards set by the Japan Blanket Industry Association are allowed to be used, ensuring safe and secure quality. It's Mark.

*The serial number is printed on the label, and the issue date, issue destination, and product content are managed.

The fun of growing up ~Name tag~

LOOM&SPOOL aims for the quality of a "homemade blanket" that will be used for a long time and handed down while having a modern design. The product is sewn with a name tag that we are particularly particular about.
A safe place and a blanket that smells like home.
You can use it for many years as well as or even longer than that nostalgic era.
Birthdays, weddings, moving to a new house. I would be happy if you could give it to me at such a milestone.
And I want you to use this name at that time. We hope that you will grow your own blanket with more attachment by writing your signature and date.

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