Disadvantages of natural blankets

Thankfully, more and more people are using cotton blankets and wool blankets.

Until now, cotton blankets are unfamiliar, and if you use acrylic blankets or polyester blankets, you may be surprised by the large amount of dust.

The towels that I use every day also have cotton dust, but compared to single and double cotton blankets, the area is small and it is not noticeable.

In addition, the fluff of cotton and wool stands out because the thickness of the fiber is thicker than that of acrylic or polyester. And it will look like a lot because of the large area.

If you use cotton blankets or wool blankets, the dust may not catch up unless you clean them frequently.

*We recommend cleaning in the morning.
As soon as I wake up, I collect the dust that has settled on the floor with a flooring wiper.

Won't the lint go away? I have a question, sorry. While you continue to use it, fluff will continue to come out.

What are the advantages of using natural materials?

1: Does not absorb dust

Synthetic fibers (polyester and acrylic) do not attract dust, and many of them do not easily come out. However, at the same time as dust does not come out, other dirt is also attracted by static electricity.

Conversely, the dust of natural materials will be released outside along with the dirt.
In particular, wool removes dirt easily, so you can easily remove dirt along with excess fluff outside.

2: Fluff derived from plants and animals

It is not widely recognized that the polyester and acrylic blankets we use on a daily basis are one of the causes of the problem of microplastics in our homes.
And I don't even need to think about which dust is better to inhale in everyday life.

Unlike acrylic and polyester blankets, which are fine and hard to notice, you can spend a comfortable time by frequently cleaning conspicuous cotton and wool fluff.

3: Excellence of natural materials

The more I know, the more I want people to know that there are some things that can't compete with the excellence of natural materials, and I want them to continue to be options.

For example, you can sleep comfortably without static electricity from cotton blankets, or you can sleep comfortably without feeling sticky even when you sweat with merino wool.

Since it is an everyday thing, I wanted to choose a blanket made of natural materials that makes sense and was made with the right material in the right place.

How to deal with and care for natural blankets

I was sweating too much. On the day you think, please dry it outside in the sun for about 1 to 2 hours.
Exposure to sunlight can kill germs.
Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the fibers, so use in moderation.
(It feels good to be fluffy in the sun)
Shake it lightly before taking it in to remove any excess dust along with the dirt.

Even if you don't use it every day, dry it frequently and ventilate it well.
If you are indoors, we recommend using a circulator to send air to the blanket.
At that time, excess dust and dirt will be removed, so please clean it all together in the morning of the next day.

If you are worried about cotton dust when you go to bed, I think it is good to remove dust and dust with an air purifier.

Click here for detailed care when washing at the end of the season

However, lifestyles are different these days.
Good natural materials. There are some things that cannot be said.

There are people who are suffering from allergies and house dust, people who clean frequently, people who are obsessed with germs, and people who hardly ever clean. If you don't incorporate things that suit each person's constitution, personality, and lifestyle habits, you may lose the balance instead of adjusting it.

I don't think there is a better blanket than a natural material if the Roomba cleans it every day or if it is in an environment where the air is well exchanged.
For people who are busy every day and can't vacuum every day, a blanket made of natural materials can be a hassle.

I tried using a cotton blanket, but I didn't expect it to be so dusty.
It didn't suit my lifestyle.
I would like to have a service that allows you to try it out and a service that allows you to rent it for a short period of time.
(The blanket cleaning business is still in the middle of no progress, so I would like to think about this together and give it some shape.)

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