Close Your Eyes HALF BLANKET

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CLose Your Eyes wool half blanket

simple and functional
deep accent

Jacquard weave wool blanket with excellent heat retention

Simple design of "Good night" message. The warp is cotton, but the side that touches the skin on both sides is 100% wool.
A blanket that can be said to be purely 100% natural

In addition to warmth and high hygroscopicity, wool, which is called a “living fiber” with natural functions such as deodorizing and antibacterial properties, is used in everyday life.

Light and non-irritating wool spinning technology and Izumiotsu raised processing.

Design: About Close Your Eyes...
I designed it so that you can sleep and wake up and refresh yourself for the day. dark blue night. The accent yellow line is the morning sun that wakes you up the next day. A blanket that will make you look forward to the next morning.

Both ends of the fabric are not sewn, leaving the woven texture as it is. The loose, natural lines are tasteful and unique.

Lay it like a rug, throw it over your sofa, or style your bed linen like a hotel.

Because it is flame-retardant wool, it can also be used as an interior accent in preparation for disaster prevention.

LOOM&SPOOL's original piss name has a name, date and memo column where you can write your birthday, anniversary, etc. Please use permanent marker.
You can grow it into a more attached blanket.

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Product name: CYE wool half
Blanket type: wool jacquard blanket
Design name: CLOSE YOUR EYES
Material: warp/cotton 100% weft/wool 100%
Produced in: Osaka, Tadaoka-cho, Izumiotsu
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size Outer box size weight
single 140×200cm 12×49.5×38cm about 1.5kg
half 140×100cm 24.5×8.5×38.5cm about 0.8kg
blanket 90×70cm 24.5×8.5×38.5cm about 0.4kg

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About care.
Wool is a material that shrinks easily.
Please consult the cleaning shop. When storing, put insect repellent and keep it well ventilated.