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色: gray

size: single

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GRIS seal woven cotton blanket

Cool looks and plump and smooth skin.

Not only <interior>, but also conscious of affinity with <architecture>

cotton seal woven blanket blanket

The Takanoguchi Seal Woven Blanket was created in search of a cool blanket with the idea that it would be better if the blankets in the world were made from more natural materials.
There are not many blankets that look good from an architectural perspective.

Cotton that can be used all year round can be used as a blanket in spring and summer, and with a futon in autumn and winter. It is comfortable without unpleasant static electricity.

A sticker weave characterized by tightly packed pile on both the front and back.

It is very durable because it is woven with the pile in a vertical state.
It is easy to wash as it does not easily lose its pile or lose its shape.
The moderate dot pattern also contributes to breathability, achieving both functionality and minimal design.

GRIS means gray in French.
Genderless colors and patterns. Contrary to the softness and gentleness of cotton, it has a cool gray color and a regularly woven uneven pattern. We chose a deep neutral gray because it is a cotton blanket that everyone can use and feel at ease.

LOOM&SPOOL's original piss name has a name, date and memo column where you can write your birthday, anniversary, etc. Please use permanent marker.
You can grow it into a more attached blanket.

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Product name: GRIS cotton
Type of blanket: Seal weave cotton blanket (fluff part)
Design name: GRIS
Material: Pile yarn (fluff part) / 100% cotton,
Jito / 65% polyester, 35% rayon
Production area: Koyaguchi, Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture
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size weight
single 140×200cm about 1.5kg
half 140×100cm about 0.8kg
blanket 90×70cm about 0.4kg