Takashima Canvas Jute&Cotton Slippers

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色: orange

size: L〜28cm

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TKJ front slippers

I made these slippers with original Takashima Canvas made of jute and cotton, which is extremely durable.
The perfect freshness after bathing or on a sweaty day.
It can be washed with a scrubbing brush, so you can sweat a lot and dry it in the sun for heavy use.
If you keep wearing them for a while, the shape will become familiar with your feet.

USE UNUSED PROJECT ~Limited quantity series made with idle materials~

We use "Takashima Canvas", which has been developed for industrial use, taking advantage of the area where moderate humidity is carried by the wind from the shores of Lake Biwa.
Casual stripes developed for bags and miscellaneous goods are made of 100% cotton warp.
By using jute for the weft, it is harder than normal canvas and features a natural nep.
I was reborn as a slipper this time.
The natural, durable and thick fabric fits bare feet.

Jute Features:
Jute, which is often used for bags such as coffee beans and the back of carpets, is a fiber that is resistant to insects and has excellent breathability and antibacterial effects. Jute itself has a rough, prickly and hard texture, and is not used for clothing because it does not feel good on the skin.
The jute of TKJ slippers has a lot of warp cotton on the surface, so it is smooth.
While maintaining the original breathability and odor resistance of jute, it feels good even when you wear it with bare feet after taking a bath.

Product name: TKJ slippers
Type of fabric: warp-cotton, weft-jute striped cotton jute canvas
Design name: Takashima Canvas Jute Canvas Stripe
Size: M 22-25cm, L 25-28cm
Material: [Instep] 65% cotton, 35% non-designated jute
[Instep] Non-designated fiber jute 65% cotton 35%
[Inner cloth] 65% cotton, 35% non-designated jute
[Bottom] PVC 100%
Production area: Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture (slipper processing)