LIBRA pile jacket: advanced cotton comfort and natural stretch. With natural antibacterial treatment

We offer cotton blankets and wool blankets with designs that suit today's lifestyles, and are welcomed by everyone as a sustainable option for eliminating acrylic and polyester.
When our blankets started to gain popularity, we started receiving many requests to make towel blankets as well. There are surprisingly few summer bedding items that are of good quality, have a simple design, have a bit of a design, and are easy to use. Even if there is one, it's probably a casual one made in China, or something with a slightly different taste, or something baby-ish or medical-ish.
Encouraged by requests to develop summer towel blankets that are typical of LOOM&SPOOL, we turned our attention to a machine called FBZ that makes towel blankets located inside a blanket factory. Ordinary towel fabrics can easily come off when the pile gets caught, but this FBZ pile knit has the characteristics that the pile does not easily come off and is resistant to getting caught .
Just like the blanket called Neumayer, FBZ's towel blanket also has the disadvantage that it is technically impossible to remove polyester even though the method is used to bind the pile. In order to fulfill the unreasonable request that the interlining polyester could somehow be made from cotton, the factory tried and tried to find a way to make it from all-natural materials, and after three years , the new FBZ towel blanket, which eliminates polyester, was completed. Ta.
With the new FBZ knitting and easy-to-use textile design and colors that blend in with your interior, it was born as a summer staple product of LOOM&SPOOL.
Available in two colors: ``Trapezoid Khaki ,'' which has a bold composition that can only be achieved at a blanket factory, but is a simple sand beige, and `` Mono Gray, '' a simple and neutral color that is also the theme color of LOOM&SPOOL.
The all-cotton new technology LIBRA pile blanket will be on sale for 22,000 yen (tax included).
We are developing LOOM&SPOOL bedding as an option that allows you to choose materials that make you feel comfortable, rather than feeling guilty about choosing polyester or acrylic.
Delivered in LOOM&SPOOL's special original furoshiki . Convenient for off-season storage. A versatile furoshiki that can be used as a partition, tablecloth, blindfold, etc.
What is cotton pile blanket that continues to evolve with new improvements?
What is different from a regular towel blanket?
There are two types of pile manufacturing methods, and the most widely known method is pile weaving for towels made in Imabari and Senshu.
The other method is a knitting machine called FBZ, which is characterized by a stronger pile compared to pile weaving. However, production has been decreasing year by year. There are only a few machines left in Japan.
In pile weaving, both the pile and the base thread that grips the pile are made of 100% cotton, but with FBZ's pile weave, the base thread that grips the pile had to be polyester.
There's something I've always wondered about when making blankets from natural materials.
Many of the blankets produced in Izumiotsu City, including the New Meyer blanket, are made using the same knitting machines as FBZ, but the base cannot be made of polyester to firmly secure the pile.
It would be the best if we could make blankets and FBZ towel blankets made of 100% cotton and 100% natural materials!
After three years of hard work by the people at the factory, we are now able to produce a new pile blanket!
Features of LIBRA pile blanket
1: Pile loop is resistant to getting caught
Unlike regular towel looms, it has a structure that grips the pile firmly, so the pile is stronger than regular towels.
2: Use compact yarn that prevents loose hair.
When spinning cotton yarn, by screwing the fluff inward, we reduce the amount of fluff that comes out on the front side compared to regular yarn.
The elasticity of the cotton has improved, but there are fewer stray hairs. (This does not mean that there will be no loose hair at all. Since it is a natural product, fine fuzz may fall off.)
3: With naturally derived antibacterial treatment
Antibacterial processing extracted from grapefruit seeds inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
Polyester and other materials that do not have moisture control properties are often treated with antibacterial treatment, but it is extremely rare for cotton, which is a natural material, to be treated with antibacterial and deodorizing treatment.
Antibacterial processing can be applied to natural materials, making them safer to use.
4: Original piss name that allows you to write the beginning of use
LOOM&SPOOL's original name can be used to indicate when it was first used and to whom it belongs.
This is one of the tricks we use to make sure you can use it for a long time.
The simple yet bold composition is made up of only one type of trapezoid.
The trapezoids form a triangle and spread out.
The men's sand beige gives off a mature look.
Size: 135x190cm
The side that would normally be used on the front side has been turned to the back side so that the soft pile can be felt more on the skin side. By placing the side with the short pile length on the front side, there was a synergistic effect that made the print pattern stand out clearly.
The different accent colors give the impression of folded fabric.
You can wake up in the morning and make your bed neatly.
The way it crumples up when it wakes up is also cute and makes me feel kind of endearing.
Gray is also the theme color of LOOM&SPOOL.
Neutral and ambiguous colors blend in with a variety of interior styles.
Gray that won't disturb your sleep
Size: 140x190cm
Both ends are not sewn as the whole piece is dyed beautifully. It can be used 5cm wider than Trapekhaki.
Simple, light and voluminous gray fits any interior.
The gray color, which is neither too bright nor too dark, blends well with the lighting effects of the room and creates an atmosphere.
Just one piece during the summer. You can use it with a futon instead of a blanket, or use it as an interior decoration instead of a bed spread.
Feel free to use it on the couch or anywhere you don't want to get sticky with sweat.
Product specifications and precautions
  • When using a washing machine, place it in a laundry net and use hand wash mode or gentle wash mode.
  • Due to the shrinkability of cotton, it will shrink slightly when washed and tumble dried.
  • The fuzz may come off during use and washing, but this does not affect its functionality.
  • We recommend tumble drying for a short time.
  • Even though compact yarn is used, cotton becomes short fibers. Fine loose hair inevitably appears. Compared to small area items such as towels, the single size has a larger area, so the amount of loose hair will be larger.
  • If you are concerned about fiber dust, we recommend that you clean your room frequently or use an air purifier.
  • The color of the screen and the color of the product may look different depending on the environment.
About delivery
The delivery form will be simple packaging. For gifts, boxes are available. In the case of a box, a furoshiki is not included. Please let us know if you would like a box.
LIBRA towel blanket production process
LOOM&SPOOL's first blanket was created with boys in mind.
I got it when I was a baby and have been using it ever since I got older. A blanket that smells and feels safe. It has a design that would not be embarrassing even if a boy who is around high school age is using it! ! ! That was the number one thing.
Many things that boys can use can also be used by girls, and many people like them. We aimed to create a textile that is simple, easy to use, and timeless.
Using a towel blanket alone means it has a large surface area that determines the impression of the room, making it an important interior element. I want to be a close presence without being too intrusive as much as possible.
Also, in terms of quality, I would like to use natural materials as much as possible, considering the future.
About natural fibers
Synthetic fibers were originally made to imitate natural materials.
The synthetic fiber nylon was developed, followed by polyester, which was developed to have the feel of cotton, and acrylic, which was created to have the warmth of wool.
Fibers with excellent antibacterial properties and quick-drying properties have been developed using various processing techniques. However, just as natural materials such as wood have a warmer feel than plastic materials, fibers made from natural materials feel more comfortable on the skin than those made from petroleum.
Compared to the towel blanket when the interlining was made of polyester, it feels much softer when the interlining is made of cotton. The tension of the polyester disappears and it feels like it hugs your skin.
I also think that lightness is an important factor when it comes to towel blankets.
Compared to woven towelettes, knitted towelettes contain air and are lighter.
Knitting also has the advantage of being highly breathable and less stuffy.
About the manufacturing factory
90% of the blankets that you can find in your old family home, that you don't want to throw away, that give you peace of mind when you use them, but that always have strong colors and designs, are made in Izumiotsu, Osaka.
The factory that produces LOOM&SPOOL towel blankets is Moriya Keori Co., Ltd. located in Izumiotsu City, Osaka. This is one of the few factories where everything from knitting to printing to sewing is done in an integrated manner.
Although we use a large amount of water, we have a huge bio tank on the factory grounds, which takes time to filter the waste water and make it clean before it is discharged.
While updating those nostalgic blankets to suit today's lifestyles, we have developed blankets made from natural materials that can contribute to the future and the health of lifestyles.
This all-cotton pile blanket is not only suitable for summer, but is also a new product that brings us one step closer to technological innovation for new blankets, using 100% natural material pile knitting technology that has never been achieved before. Although Newmeyer blankets have not yet been successful with all cotton, I hope that new techniques will continue to be created by deriving from the same pile knitting technique.
To that end, I believe it is my job to create products that people are happy to use and that make their daily lives a little richer, have them used by everyone, and then enable the factory to produce them again.
Even though I am working alone, I am able to do this with the help of many people. I am filled with gratitude for the cooperation of everyone at the factories who make our products, the photographers who always take wonderful photos, the designers who create the packaging and visuals, and the warehouse staff who support shipping operations. . I have to work hard so that I can continue to work stably.
I really feel that the customers who use our products help the brand grow even more. I would like more of this kind of stuff and people who can tell me what they think. This was a little difficult to use! We will collect your valuable opinions and use them as fuel for the next development, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to let us know.
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