Bio wash processing Jute&Cotton Oxford Slippers

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size: M ~25cm

色: Brown

style: Baboosh

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Interior to wear. Room shoes made of natural jute canvas that can be worn according to the season and mood

Slippers are part of the interior.

The slippers that greet you at the entrance are an interior item that will make your day a little richer.

It tends to be heavy use because it is an everyday thing.

Slippers with the same taste but different styles can be used for different purposes, and the sturdy jute blend canvas makes it easy to wash.


Jute is a natural material that is often used in everyday life.

Photosynthesis is vigorous and grows quickly, and it also has the function of suppressing global warming because it has excellent absorption of carbon dioxide.

Jute has excellent breathability, but as it is, it is scratchy and stiff.

The fabric of JCO slippers is mixed with a special enzyme and washed to express a natural feeling of fall, and the texture is so gentle and soft that it is hard to believe that it is jute.


The fabric used this time was made as a proposal for a certain bag manufacturer. It was not adopted due to trial and error.

There is no problem with the fabric itself, and rather the jute ox produced by advanced technology processing is a lump of commitment. Weaving is Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, which has a proven track record in canvas for materials. Dyeing is a direct dye that does not thin the fabric and keeps the texture. Okayama Prefecture has a proven track record of washing denim.


There is a factory that produces slippers near the Yoshino River in Tokushima Prefecture. Since the entire weight is applied to the toe, the toe seam allowance is only 3 to 4 mm, even though it seems to be a sturdy structure. This little part is packed with technology.

The front-opening slippers use the standard old-fashioned mold, and the Babouche type is made with a cutting machine that can be input on a new computer with light footwork.

Product name: JCO Slippers, Babouche
Fabric type: jute cotton ox
Design name: Takashima Canvas Jute Cotton Ox
Size: M 22-25cm, L 25-28cm
Material: [Instep] 55% non-designated fiber jute, 45% cotton
[Instep] Non-designated fiber jute 55%, cotton 45%
[Inner fabric] Non-designated fiber jute 55%, cotton 45%
[bottom] PVC
Origin: Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture